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Our History


During the summer of 1976, a group of Filipinos and Pacific Islanders/Asians from the City of Carson and some from her neighboring cities were confronted by the growing problems of alcohol and drug abuse in their respective communities. As the group continues to meet together, they realized that there was not one program they could turn to and identify with, considering their diverse cultures and languages.

Many of the initial problems were dealt with on a voluntary and self-help basis, until the group started to seek some help from the City of Carson, the County of Los Angeles through the assistance of Miss Faye Wilson, Alcoholism Coordinator of the Southeast Health Services Region.

In December 1977, the group saw some light for possible government funding. They formally organized themselves and obtained their nonprofit corporation on March 13, 1978. Led by its founder Rene Casaclang, Palm House, Inc. received its first government funding on May 1, 1978 to operate an 18-bed residential community recovery program.

Why the name PALM HOUSE? The Palm Tree is the most symbolic tree among Filipinos and Pacific Islanders/Asians and known as the “TREE OF LIFE”. Likewise, is a symbol of “TRIUMPH”. Given a chance to go through the program, one can return TRIUMPHANTLY to a life of SOBRIETY.

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