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About Us


Palm House, Inc. is partially funded by the Dept. of Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control County of Los Angeles, California. It is an equal opportunity employer.

The overall goal of the recovery home is to provide quality care and supportive services to individuals afflicted with alcohol and drug related problems. It has a home away from home atmosphere, preparing those who pass through its doors for a triumphant return to a life of SOBRIETY. It is a County wide program for Los Angeles County with emphasis on the Filipino and Pacific/Asian communities.

Services and Activities

  • Recovery Team Consisting of Palm House, Inc. Staff
  • Individual and Group Sessions
  • Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, in house and outside meetings.
  • Referral to community agencies (i.e. indirect medical services, vocational rehabilitation, referral, etc.)
  • Job referral and placement assistance
  • Educational trips, tours, and picnics
  • Indoor and outdoor recreations


Residents are normally referred by community referral agencies, other members of the recovery community, a friend, an AA member of the Family, or by the prospective resident himself.


Prospective resident must:

· Be male between 18- 64 years of age

· Be ambulatory * (Currently undergoing renovation to accommodate non ambulatory)

· Have 24 hours of Sobriety

· Agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the program

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